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A yoga practice is a thoughtful addition

to any conference or event.

Interested in working together? 


Conferences & Workshops

With tight schedules and back to back sessions, conferences can be mentally taxing on attendees if not managed well. Sitting for a long time, muscles tighten and energy levels run on low.


Offering yoga, stretching or a mini movement series can serve as a great break between sessions. Light exercise gets blood flowing to the muscles, it offers attendees an opportunity to relax and recover so that they can return to the event re-energized and refocused. 

Working with large groups in a conference setting, accessibility is a top priority - classes are designed to be for everybody and every body. 


Other benefits:

  • Teams equipped with tools for stress 

  • Increased focus and concentration

  • Actively engaged groups

  • Live or pre-recorded, tailored to conference goals or themes

Hosting Virtually?

No problem!

Depending on the needs of your event, classes can be offered in person or virtually. Virtual classes can be streamed live through online platforms (such as Zoom & Google Meet) or pre-recorded.​

In both cases, classes can be tailored to the specific layouts or setup available.

How might we  




  • Mindfulness Lunch & Learn

  • Partner-based Activities

  • Guided Stretching Breaks

  • Introduction to Yoga

  • Introduction to Breathwork

  • Themed Meditation Series

Planning an Event

Looking for a fun & unique way to celebrate an event or add some variety to the schedule?


Classes for group events are designed to be fun & playful in nature, giving attendees the opportunity to be curious in their own bodies. Depending on the group's familiarity with one another, the class can be adapted to include journalling, reflections, and partner or group activities. 


Bringing some intuitive movement and connection with breath allows the group to collectively share in the experience and develop a sense of community. 


If there is a specific theme you'd like incorporated, the class can be tailored accordingly. 



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