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The glorification of "busy" and obsessive multi-tasking are unfortunate markers of our time. This fast-paced lifestyle has us overly focused on things in the past, or worried about what comes next - completely glossing over the here and now. 


Yoga brings our awareness to the present moment - observing your body, breath and emotions trains our mind to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. This practice of mindfulness allows us the opportunity to exercise, relax and recover from the stressors of our day to day. In connecting with our breath, we carve room for reflection and to discover a deeper sense of self. 


All private yoga begins with a free consultation. We will dig into your specific needs, goals, and health conditions so that I can can build a custom tailored plan. This plan will ensure a unique blend of modalities depending on your needs, weaving meditation and mindfulness throughout.  

How might we  




  • Tailored Yoga Classes

  • Introduction to Breathwork

  • Incorporating Meditation into your practice

  • Joint Mobility & Stretching

  • Workshopping through postures


Why try Private Yoga ?

For some, group classes can be intimidating. For others, an injury or pre-existing condition makes matters more complex. Maybe you can't find a group class that feels like a good fit.

With one-on-one & small group sessions, we can ensure your practice is meeting you exactly where you are today. It's a great way to begin yoga for the first time, or dive deeper into your personal practice.


Individual sessions allow for a greater focus on your form & technique vs. just keeping up pace in a group context. With consideration to the specific props you have on hand, classes are designed to put you at ease, in the comfort of your preferred space. 

Unique to private yoga, we can build a tailored program to ensure you are getting a balance of modalities in movement - active practice combined with restorative, meditation & breathwork. 

Other benefits:

  • Focus on personal goals & needs

  • Feel more at ease, in your own space

  • Work around your schedule

  • Hands-on adjustments

  • Personalized instruction & guidance

  • Opportunity to voice discomfort or ask questions

Private yoga classes ensure

we meet your specific needs. 

On your schedule, at your pace.

Interested in working together? 

Prefer being Remote?

No problem!

Depending on your preferences, private yoga can be offered in person or virtually. In both cases, classes are tailored to your specific needs as well as to your home space and the props you have on hand.  


Virtual Classes are set up via secure online platforms such as Zoom & Google meet, keeping your video on to ensure adjustments and cues are catered to the individual.  



Interested in work together? Looking to learn more? 

Let's chat!

I hope to get back to you within 24 - 48 hours.

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