My Journey

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Coming from a tech & sales background, I was no stranger to the hustle, a champion of the "live & breathe your job" mindset. To-do lists & productivity were how I measured self-worth. With no true sense of self, my body was merely a vessel to accomplish and to execute - I held no awareness or regard for what it meant to nourish my heart, or feed my being. 

I struggled to navigate through heart space because my mind/ inner critic were in the driver's seat. 


Yoga made room for play & reflection, encouraging me to move freely and intuitively. Deepening my practice through meditation has helped quiet the mind, and offer a proverbial loudspeaker/microphone to the heart. 


Off the mat, my journey to live through the heart continues. I've been able to find that love exists all around me -

in solo dance parties dedicated to 2000s R&B, in the laughter between friends, in catching a pink sunset, and in the sweet smell of my favourite places.


Living authentically means holding up a kind yet critical mirror to myself - questioning why I believe the things I believe. It means unpacking the impacts that race, histories of immigration, and cultural conditioning have had on my lived experiences, on my perceptions and on the choices I prioritize. It's holding self-compassion for the more difficult parts of this journey.


My teaching approach is ever-evolving as I journey through these learnings. I am thoughtful and intentional in how I authentically show up when teaching. 



On my personal journey, meditation & yoga continue to help connect me back to myself - a window to really see, hear, and feel my truths. To stop thinking, and just feel.

I would define a teacher as anyone who helps guide us to this"window",  towards a clearer sense of self. Within the context of yoga & mindfulness, my philosophy as a teacher is to meet you exactly as you are, holding space in a way that allows you to explore your own truths.

More specifically, it is to carve out space for you to explore what brings you joy. To embolden your curiosity & your autonomy. To experience how intrinsically fulfilling it can be to connect breath & movement.


Everything offered during practice is a suggestion, with your body serving as the ultimate guide. I aim to create an inclusive and welcoming space that empowers you to forge your unique path. 

The me you see today is different than the me

you'll meet tomorrow - herein lies the beauty of our journey.

I am ever-learning,



My Areas of Study

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On this journey, teachers can appear in different places, in many different forms, and at different times in your life. I am grateful to the teachers that have guided and counselled me, so many of whom I continue to observe and learn from on and off of the mat.


The training I've received extends to varied paths and streams of learning - each offering different benefits to one's practice. Beyond my formal training, I am deeply committed to the ever-evolving journey of learning & unlearning the impacts that history, race and cultural conditioning carry into my practice.

Taryn Diamond

Cynthia Funk & Karen Cove

Julia Gibran, Jamilah Malika, Laura Sygrove, Rochelle Miller
& Andre Talbot

Kim McBean, Ruby Knafo, Taryn Diamond & Erin Wilbur

20-HR Yoga Nidra Training

Mosaic Yoga

40-HR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Sanctuary

Reaching In, Reaching Out: 

Making Yoga Inclusive & Trauma-Informed

New Leaf Foundation

Union Yoga Studio

225-HR Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher Training