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Through times of change or challenge,

yoga can ground us & keep us connected.

Interested in working together? 


My name is Nafisa (she/her), and I'm a movement & mindfulness educator.


My journey with yoga began when my mind was crowded and I couldn’t find the pause button. I was living in unconscious autopilot, repeating behaviours that didn't serve me. Yoga & meditation trained me to slow down and it brought a sense of play back into my life. 

This practice keeps me curious and ever-learning. I am most passionate about the relationship between movement & joy - how together they drive self-expression, heighten mind-body connection, and often encourage the coming together of community.  

Services Offered

I offer both active movement classes, as well those that are slower in nature. Movement-based classes involve the practice of physical postures (asana) 
in conjunction with breath awareness. Depending on your needs, classes can
range from stretching & joint mobilization to faster flow sequences.

The practice of yoga is multi-layered, extending well beyond asana. For those interested in diving inward and exploring stillness, I also offer practices such as meditation, breathwork, and yoga nidra. 

How can we work



Approaches Offered:

Stretching & Mobility   •   Hatha Yoga   •   Vinyasa (Flow)

Restorative Yoga   •   Yoga Nidra •   Meditation & Breathwork

What to Expect

What to Expect?

It is core to my belief system that yoga & meditation are for everybody and every body. I do my best to ensure accessibility is at the forefront of how any class is planned and guided, with options and variations shared throughout.

Classes are designed to be playful in nature, with laughter and self-compassion sprinkled through each practice. I aim to create an inclusive and welcoming space, meeting you where you are and as you are today. Classes encourage self-reflection & curiosity to empower you to move in a way that feels intuitive and right for you.


Classes can be in-person or virtual; those offered virtually can be live or pre-recorded. A silver lining of the virtual era is also that we aren't confined to any geographical boundaries!



"Practicing yoga virtually with Nafisa has been like a breath of fresh air during the pandemic. Her jokes & warm nature have felt like I'm back at the studio again."

- Alex B.

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